Ten Icon Versions. 06. Digital Training.

To celebrate a decade in design we are producing ten versions of our new logo. This is version six representing the digital training we have been producing for BAE Systems for over ten years.

Our solutions are delivered in a number of different digital forms including Desktop Simulation and Training Videos. The logo uses parts of the 3D vehicle used in our most recent animated digital training video which received the prestigious bronze award in this years BAE Systems Chairman’s Awards.

Award Winning BAE Training Solution

We are proud to announce that our latest training solution for BAE Systems Combat Vehicles UK to support an Urgent Operational Requirement has been recognised with a prestigious bronze award in this years BAE Systems Chairman’s Awards.

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The Next Phase of BAE Systems Digital Training

Thumb Design are about to embark on the next phase of the immersive training software designed for BAE and used by the MOD over the last ten years.

In 2003 we were commissioned by BAE Systems to develop a training system for the operation of and fault-finding in the Engineering Tank Systems (ETS) vehicles – Titan (Bridge Layer) and Trojan (Excavator). Our immersive training solution has been being used by the Army for nearly ten years, allowing trainees to learn procedures without requiring access to vehicle or equipment and to simulate faults which wouldn’t be desirable on the vehicle.

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