Demonstrating Capabilities.

BAE needed to show their strengths and capabilities in an engaging way as part of a bid to win a multimillion pound contract to upgrade the Warrior Infantry Vehicle.

Thumb produced a slick and dynamic short promo using live video footage combined with 3D animation, graphics and typography cut to a soundtrack to create a fast paced, engaging promo. The short film was used on the BAE website as a promotional film. We also created a 20 minute film to accompany the bid featuring key engineers in the bid team which acted as a succinct introduction to the bid. It was widely praised and is being shown throughout BAE as an exemplary piece of BAE brand promotion.


The film Thumb produced for us was superb – it was so impressive and well received that it has set the standard for any future promotional films produced throughout the whole of BAE and has been entered for a BAE Chairman’s award.”

Trevor Sheehan. BAE.