Inside Biosystems Animation.

Public engagement.

As part of the launch for the Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre (BBTC) they needed to explain to a wide general audience why £20 Million of government money was being used to fund them. In addition, creating awareness and understanding of this complex subject area and its economic importance to the UK and establishing the Centre relevance was essential.

Thumb produced a strongly branded animated film which takes the viewer in and out of the human body to tell the story of biomedicine in a visually engaging way. We created a sub-brand for the BBTC – Inside Biosystems, to represent the BBTC’s advanced training capabilities that will equip scientists with the skills to apply leading edge techniques.


Thumb came up with a really interesting way to get the concepts across. They hit the balance between education and entertainment perfectly. This along with the whole promotion package Thumb created for us has helped generate a lot of interest from the industry and has established us as leaders in our field.”

Professor Gary Montague. BBTC.