Gateshead Public Art 3D Visuals

Visualising New Record-breaking Sculpture.

3DReid are pioneering a new development in the heart of Gateshead which involves commissioning Full Blown Metals to create a huge art sculpture – The ‘Halo’ made from 4000 blown metal pillows. 3DReid had to present to investors and the public the positive impact that Full Blown Metals ‘Halo’ sculpture will have within the public space.

Thumb produced a 3D digital environment which showed how the area will look with the sculpture integrated into it’s surrounding buildings. Animated walkthrough sequences were used as virtual studies to make decisions and achieve a better understanding of the development.


The visualisation of the landmark Halo sculpture within the developing area not only allowed us to get a clear idea of how the sculpture would look before it was built but gave 3DReid the ability to make important decisions by seeing how the public would interact with the space.”

Steve Newby. Full Blown Metals.