Story Telling Motion Graphics.

If you have something to say or a message you want your audience to understand and remember then we can help you tell your story using motion graphics and animation. We employ bold graphics, dynamic 3D elements and creative typography to create a concise, informative and entertaining animation which can be easily viewed and shared online.

Usually lead by voice over and music these short animations have helped our clients launch initiatives, promote their products and services, educate audiences and build awareness. We start by fully understanding your message so we can determine the best way to visualise your story. We will work closely with you on a script and then storyboard our concepts, prior to recording the voice over – it all comes together in the brilliant final animation.

These short animated films are an excellent way of getting your story heard as they can be presented on your website and on social online video channels such as You Tube and Vimeo reaching a global audience where they can quickly gain a lot of attention and comment.

Promotional Animation.

We combine video, 3D animation and typography to create an effective, dynamic and attention grabbing video to promote your business, products or services. Our 3D and motion graphics capabilities set us apart from your usual promotional video companies. We bring our polished animation and graphic design skills together with bold and brilliant video to create something that will get you noticed and strengthen your brand.

If you want a slick, powerful brand-friendly animation or promotional film then give us a call, we’d love to talk you through our process. You can view a selection of our favourite motion graphics pieces below.