We are a team of multi-disciplined designers dedicated to producing quality, effective design that achieves results for our UK and international clients.


We help develop and create brands, raise profiles, visualise concepts and build audiences through digital and traditional media. Whatever your design needs we would love to talk to you. Our knowledge, experience and passion for what we do enables us to create smart, visually engaging communication that works hard for our clients.
Our approach to delivering consistently successful design has always been to fully understand the needs of our clients, ensuring that what we create is the best suited and most effective solution possible. Good design is at the heart of everything we do and we’ve developed a creative process that has proven integral to us helping our clients achieve their goals.

Take a look at our portfolio of selected work and see how Thumb Design can help you.


// Key People

Owen Thomas. Director. a.

Owen founded Thumb in 2002. With a background in marketing and multimedia his strategic and practical expertise has successfully provided a great return on investment for an impressive client list. With over 20 years experience in corporate communications and training, his greatest strength is his ability to listen and rapidly appreciate the broader business context allowing us to guide our clients to the best possible outcome.

Stephen Shield. Art Director. c.

Stephen is our lead designer and is responsible for the quality of the company’s creative output. He has over 15 years experience in delivering smart engaging design solutions for blue chip companies and organisations using traditional and digital media. His background is in graphic design and he loves logos. He has also became a highly skilled animator and leads the team on our motion graphic projects

Pete Clark. Senior Developer. b.

Pete is head of 3D animation and digital media development for Thumb. Good experienced based knowledge of the processes and potential possibilities of media technologies has enabled him to bring innovative solutions and technical direction to our digital and interactive based projects. From creating real-time 3D applications for childrens educational games, he developed the technology behind them to create desktop based virtual training used by the Ministry of Defence.

Chris Turner. 3D Artist. d.

Chris Turner is our 3D artist and animator. He specialises in architectural visualisation creating 3D environments for building projects and way finding systems. His ability to quickly create models and 3D animated scenes allows us to bring life and dynamism to our motion graphics and animations. Chris has always been passionate about model making and found it easy porting his skills from traditional model making to the digital medium. 


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