Branding a Blue Cow

We have recently been working with Blue Cow Education to bring a more contemporary look to their branding.

Blue Cow is an educational consultancy focused on the learning and development of children using new technology. We were asked to create a new brand identity and do a minor refresh on their existing website

David Winfield, Director of Blue Cow, is the former Deputy Headmaster of Fulneck Junior School, a prestigious independent boarding school in the north of England. He is a passionate advocate of using technology to deliver highly personalised learning. Before moving into Education, he was a director of a successful UK based PC games business in which 2 London FTSE listed companies were the major shareholders. Blue Cow Education is quite a young company but it’s original branding did not represent the fresh ideas and exciting learning innovation that is helping to establish the educational consultancy.

I love what Thumb have done with our new logo and branding. They have created exactly what I had in mind for the image for our company and of course now our Blue Cow has a real personality.”

David Winfield. Blue Cow Education.

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