OpenWorks Anti-drone System – SkyWall

We have just completed an exciting new video production for OpenWorks Engineering.

SkyWall offers those exposed to drone threats with the ability to protect the public, VIPs, crowds, prisons and critical infrastructure. It is the world’s only drone defeat system that offers a cost effective and proportionate response, developed specifically for the civil drone threat.

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Promotional Video PEROCC

We’ve recently completed a promotional video for Pearson Engineering which uses film, 3D animation and motion graphics to demonstrate the immense capabilities of the PEROCC vehicle.

The promotional video has been extremely well received and has become an integral part of PEROCC’s marketing strategy as it is shown at expos and trade shows across the UK and worldwide. The film will soon be re-edited to work across multiple screens for maximum impact on it’s audiences. View the film here.

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Ten Icon Versions. 08. Video.

To celebrate ten years in design we are producing ten versions of our new logo. This is version eight giving a taste of our video capabilities using shots of our home town Newcastle upon Tyne. The music used is by The Hokum Hotshots
(Our Accountant Peter Masons’ blues band).

Video & 3D Animation for Pearson Engineering

We are proud to announce that we have just started working on a really exciting video and 3D animation project for Pearson Engineering Ltd. We were approached to help promote a new innovative product named PEROCC – The Pearson Engineering Route Opening and Clearance Capability.

PEROCC is a vehicle designed to provide IED clearance capability using a single platform at a high tempo. Our job is to use video, motion graphics and 3D animation to dynamically show all of it’s unique and brilliantly engineered features.

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Ten Icon Versions. 06. Digital Training.

To celebrate a decade in design we are producing ten versions of our new logo. This is version six representing the digital training we have been producing for BAE Systems for over ten years.

Our solutions are delivered in a number of different digital forms including Desktop Simulation and Training Videos. The logo uses parts of the 3D vehicle used in our most recent animated digital training video which received the prestigious bronze award in this years BAE Systems Chairman’s Awards.