Branding a Blue Cow

We have recently been working with Blue Cow Education to bring a more contemporary look to their branding.

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Seasons Greetings One & All…

Thanks to everyone we have worked with in 2013 for helping make it such a memorable year for us. We’ve had a busy year here at Thumb – packed with interesting design projects, new clients, a new logo and a brand new website.

We are all going to be enjoying a well earned break soon. We will be closing the studio and heading off to various corners of the world to celebrate Christmas for two weeks from Friday 20th Dec 2013 and we will be back in action from Monday 6th Jan 2014.

Have a great time and we’ll see you in 2014.

Ten Icon Versions. 07. Creative Design.

To celebrate a decade in design we are producing ten versions of our new logo. This is version seven representing creative design.

Creativity is at the heart of all good design and with this version of our logo we wanted to show that it’s not all about computers, clicking a mouse and pressing buttons. A lot of our more creative design work such as logo design, motion graphics and animation starts with getting the pens and brushes out and being loose and free with ideas, shapes and colour before honing the ideas down into a brilliantly formed design concept or story.

Ten Icon Versions. 04. Design Newcastle.

To celebrate ten years in design we are producing ten versions of our new logo. This is version four which represents Design Newcastle. We are proud of our home and to have been producing design for clients here in Newcastle and all over the UK and worldwide. The image┬ácaptures our street – Westgate Road, bathed in early morning sunshine.

Unilever Product Motion Graphics

We are proud to announce that Thumb Design have been working with Unilever’s R&D teams creating inspiring case studies using┬ávideo and motion graphics, communicating a series of product attributes for their deodorant product ranges.