Oranges & Lemons Logo Design

New brand and logo design for nursery goes down a storm with local kids.

We have recently been approached by a new nursery and childcare service based in Newcastle upon Tyne to create their company logo and visual identity. We worked closely with Oranges & Lemons to create a logo design that was going to capture a feeling of fun and learning.

Our idea was to create a logo design that was not only a bold and bright identity but an activity for the children as well. The logo features illustrations of the many learning activities, toys and games that feature in a normal day for the children at Oranges and Lemons. We included pairs of most illustrations for a matching game, all the letters of the alphabet and a certain number of oranges and lemons for the children to count.

We needed a logo that was going to be eye catching and fun and Thumb created much more than that. I couldn’t stop looking at it and smiling when I saw it and the kids love it. The idea of including an activity within the logo was brilliant.”

Jane Bell. Oranges & Lemons.

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