Promotional Video PEROCC

We’ve recently completed a promotional video for Pearson Engineering which uses film, 3D animation and motion graphics to demonstrate the immense capabilities of the PEROCC vehicle.

The promotional video has been extremely well received and has become an integral part of PEROCC’s marketing strategy as it is shown at expos and trade shows across the UK and worldwide. The film will soon be re-edited to work across multiple screens for maximum impact on it’s audiences. View the film here.

PEROCC (The Pearson Engineering Route Opening and Clearance Capability) provides a single platform solution to the requirements of counter-IED activity through the application of a suite of tools to a chassis, with the capability to detect explosive threats and proof routes at tempo whilst maintaining a high level of self-protection.

We were blown away by the film Thumb produced for us. We had set our expectations very high with this project and Thumb managed to exceed them. It has become a crucial part of our promotion of the vehicle.”

James Cross. Pearson Engineering Ltd.

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