We like to think that our 3D animation capabilities are what sets us apart. We can model and animate anything you can imagine. So whether you need to explain how a product works or help an audience view and understand something that doesn’t exist yet we can help.

Architectural Visualisation.

Our 3D skills allow us to visualise and animate new or regenerated public spaces. From plans we can build 3D environments which are used to visualise everything from new buildings to regeneration schemes to new wayfinding systems. Visualising buildings, schemes and environments for our clients allows them to make crucial decisions before any work has began and allows investors and the public get an excellent feel for the proposed vision.

Product Visualisation.

We have been helping organisations visualise their products and demonstrate their functionality for many years now. Using 3D to digitally build the product from CAD files, photos or sketches, we can demonstrate the products features, uses and key selling points before it has been made.

Character Animation.

Character animation can really capture your audience’s imagination. By bringing an established company mascot to life or creating a new character to promote a product it can create a recognisable personality for your brand communication. We can animate the character for use within TV ads, in-store videos or simply build the character as a static 3D image for use on your website, in printed material or point of sale.

Motion Graphics.

We love to use a combination of 3D and 2D graphic elements to help visualise messages and tell brand stories in our animated motion graphics videos. Read more in Motion Graphics services.

If you think you could benefit from using any of our 3D capabilities we’d love to talk to you. View a selection of our 3D projects here.