We create, refresh and bolster brands. We have over a decade of experience helping a wide range of businesses and organisations create new brands and breathe fresh new life into their existing identity. We recognise the importance of having a quality logo and branded materials to help you communicate with confidence.

Logo & Printed Material.

If you are a new business or organisation we can start from scratch by designing a brand new logo for you. We will learn everything about who you are and what you do and take you through our brand design process so that you understand our thoughts and ideas and show you how we designed your brilliant new visual signature and visual identity usage guidelines. We also have vast experience in producing a whole range of quality printed materials including stationery, brochures and exhibition design.

If you are an established business and don’t want to change your existing logo we can evolve your brand by creating fresh new communication around it. This involves retaining your recognised logo and using it as a basis to help build a more contemporary identity using our knowledge of you and your sector to create a more accessible and visually relevant look and feel for your brand so that it can achieve great things.


Your website is an important part of your branding, it can reach a global audience so you want to make the right first impression. Your content should not only say the right things about you but create a distinctive and quality interface between you and your audience which promotes everything that is good about you and your brand. We can provide you with not only a brilliant new user-friendly website but all the exciting and dynamic digital media content that will set your website apart from the rest.


We use video within a number of our creative and digital training services. We can create high quality promotional video to give people an insight into your business or organisation. It is an excellent way of conveying the most important aspects of your business – whether it’s your people, a product or new initiative your brand video can showcase your company’s personality. Using dialogue from key people and textural shots of your environment along with natural day-to-day situations edited to an appropriate soundtrack we can create a very convincing piece of video brand collateral. The video can then be used within your website and all online social video sites to reach a much wider audience.


We can keep your audience more than interested in your message. We use our knowledge of dynamic digital media including video and animation to create brand friendly presentations to convey key messages in a professional, succinct and memorable way. From changing the face of Open Days at Newcastle University to helping Michelin present to their customers to giving the NHS the confidence to present to the Prime Minister we have huge experience in creating quality, convincing, dynamic presentations.

If you need to create a new logo or you want to breathe some fresh new life into your established branding, or simply want us to produce something exciting to get you noticed, give us a call, we’d love to talk you through our process. You can view samples of our brand design projects here.