We create digital training and induction solutions for a wide range of clients in a number of different sectors. We have been producing award winning solutions for an impressive client list for over ten years making it easy for them to save time, money and lives.

Immersive Digital Training.

Our desktop simulation solutions provide immersive digital training for complex products or systems, allowing users to develop their skills and knowledge before they use prime equipment. Informative, instructional and experiential learning delivered onscreen provides consistent, timely and cost effective training for staff. A real benefit is that it reduces training time as trainees can practice procedural skills and fault diagnosis procedures in an electronic classroom environment. Each trainee can learn and practice simultaneously at their own pace. We have been producing desktop part task simulation training used by the military for over a decade.

Video Training.

We use a combination of video, 3D animation and typography to create video training with a difference. It is crucial and sometimes critical that the audience retains the information and instructions so we create films that are clear and concise as well as visually brilliant so they are not only fully understood, but also enjoyed. We have helped a number of our clients ensure that their employees are kept safe from harm by delivering key safety information in an engaging and memorable way.

Video Induction.

Our approach to video induction is to make sure that the viewers experience is an engaging one. We make sure that their attention is held so that the information being given is easily consumed and remembered well. A number of our corporate induction solutions require orientation of company offices or plant to show new employees, visitors and contractors where they need to be. We create a simple 3D digital model of the building and use that to show key locations and restricted areas. Our induction solutions can be delivered as a DVD or as digital training on a computer where it may be controlled and delivered by staff.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your training or induction needs give us a call.