BAE Immersive Training.

Procedural Training System for the Army.

With limited access to the real equipment and with mistakes being potentially costly and harmful to personnel and equipment we were approached to develop a training system for the operation of and fault-finding in the Engineering Tank Systems (ETS) vehicles -Titan (Bridge Layer) and Trojan (Excavator) – deemed too complex for instructional computer based training but without the cost and detail of a full systems simulator.

Featuring real time 3D vehicles, realistic control panels and controls, this training system provides a synthetic environment where users undertake tasks to build confidence and competencies before contact with prime equipment. Backed by a learning management system, the software has since been extended and adapted for use with Challenger II.

For maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness the software was designed for off-the-shelf PCs so that hardware purchased for classrooms could also be used for existing training packages and off-site learning is also possible on a stand-alone desktop PC or laptop.



Thumb worked seamlessly with our subject matter experts, rapidly understanding and transferring highly technical knowledge into their training system. There’s no other way to train these fault finding issues at this price point and Thumb have always been on budget and our client considers the training solution to be the best their engineers have ever received.”

Debbie Storey. BAE Systems.