Jobfox Boost Animation.

Helping to accelerate job recruitment.

Jobfox are a recruitment agency based in the USA. They were launching a new technology driven area of the company – Jobfox Boost. They needed to let current and potential customers know the features and benefits of using the Jobfox Boost service.

Thumb were approached to produce a short animation which would engage the viewer and get the key messages across in an entertaining way. Using a simple analogy, motion graphics and typography Thumb created a dynamic and attractive advert to be used on the Jobfox website as well as reaching a wider audience by being viewed on social video websites such as You Tube and Vimeo.


We were really pleased with the ideas that Thumb came up with – they produced a really fresh and exciting animation using a really simple yet extremely effective idea. It created interest in Jobfox Boost almost immediately through our website and views on You Tube. We love that advert of ours! ”

Dan Kimball. Jobfox.