RealWire Animation.

Creating Online Conversation.

RealWire wanted to produce a short animated film on how to approach Online Public Relations. The film highlights the community nature of the online media and suggests that in the beginning it may help if you imagine you are the guest at a party where you don’t know many people.

The animated short used the community analogy to create a light hearted entertaining film which was also educational. Thumb used an online world to tell the story using kinetic typography along with voice over and graphic elements to convey the community references. The film was used on the RealWire website and across all social video websites to reach a wide audience and create conversation.


We were really happy with how hard this film worked for RealWire. We loved how Thumb translated our concept and script into what has become an extremely popular source of reference within online PR. The film has been viewed over 23,000 times and is the No.1 ranked video on Google and YouTube for ‘Online PR’ and ranked 2nd for ‘Public Relations’.”

Adam Parker. RealWire.