Tommee Tippee Products.

Visualising Future Baby Products.

We’ve been working with internationally renowned baby products manufacturer Tommee Tippee for a number of years now. We help them to visualise their ideas, creating the product as a 3D model and animating it’s functionality in short brand friendly videos to engage their audience.

The animations allow¬†Tommee Tippee to demonstrate the capabilities, processes and¬†aesthetics of products before they are made. We have also used a similar approach in producing animations to market Tommee Tippee’s baby products in-store, online and on TV.


We have worked with Thumb on several projects now and we are confident that everything they produce will be of an excellent standard. It’s good to know that when we ask Thumb to demonstrate our new products that what we get from them regularly exceeds our expectations.

Katy Pigg. Tommee Tippee.