Stockton Redevelopment 3D Visualisation

We are currently working with Arup alongside Stockton Borough Council to create a series of 3D visualisation work to showcase the new £38million redevelopment scheme – Rediscover Stockton.

Our 3D Visualisation work has helped with making key decisions throughout the project as well as giving the residents of Stockton a preview of how their town centre is going to be improved. As part of the project Thumb have produced a fly-through animation which gives a really good insight into the new look High Street and the new Market Place.

Stockton Council have started work on the development of the High Street with the first phase starting at the South End last September with completion expected early summer 2013. There will then be 3 further phases with the whole project complete in early 2015. These improvements will see the street transformed with open spaces, new car parks and a variety of shops.

The renovation and restoration process will include removal and replacement of the old paving, kerbs, lighting, street furniture, drains, utility cables, road surfaces and traffic signals, together with repositioning of the bus stops, taxi rank and Dodshon’s Fountain. Our 3D Visualisation has made it easy to communicate the changes at every stage of the process and will continue to do so as the next stage of the 3D animation is about to be updated soon.

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