Video & 3D Animation for Pearson Engineering

We are proud to announce that we have just started working on a really exciting video and 3D animation project for Pearson Engineering Ltd. We were approached to help promote a new innovative product named PEROCC – The Pearson Engineering Route Opening and Clearance Capability.

PEROCC is a vehicle designed to provide IED clearance capability using a single platform at a high tempo. Our job is to use video, motion graphics and 3D animation to dynamically show all of it’s unique and brilliantly engineered features.

PEROCC provides a single platform solution to the requirements of counter-IED activity through the application of a suite of tools to a chassis, with the capability to detect explosive threats and proof routes at tempo whilst maintaining a high level of self-protection.

Our video will include dynamic footage from a week long shoot in Cornforth Quarry near Durham which was completed this month along with 3D animation of the PEROCC and motion graphics to visualise the vehicles full potential. The project will be completed in early February so watch this space for the shorter web based version.

Take a look at the beast here

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